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Humanitarian worker by day; PhD student by night; Active participatory researcher by weekend; born in Japan, raised in 5 continents (Asia, Africa, Americas, Australia) and most recently moved to Europe via NYC.


Me - born in Japan but studied/worked and lived in five continents: Asia, Africa, Americas, Australia and Europe. A recent migrate to a landlocked country in Central Europe via NYC.

I work for a non-profit organization dealing with public health issues, particularly in developing countries (M-F, 9-5); I am also a PhD student in one of the US universities, specialized in Social Medicine (currently taking a leave of absence).

I like to work out regularly (like to box); listen to R&B, hip-hop, Reggae, Japanese pops & hip-hop; watch movies (including foreign and animes); eat Asian and Soul food. But, I also like to chill at home - read, watch and think something stimulating to my mind, and eventually to doze off.

Finally waking up from a five-year hibernation and starting to re-activate my blog!


Boxing, Asia-Soul Fusion, Neo-Soul, Reggae, Hip-Hop, J-Pop, South African Jazz, Anime, Ramen, Thai Food, Soul Food, LRG, Triple 5 Soul, G-Star, Mac, Public Health, Sociology, Massage (all types!)