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January 19, 2006



"Also, they were all 'white' in complexion. What does this tell us? To me, it is kind of globalization of a stereotypical gay male (in a very racial way), undermining so much diversity in gay male populations. For real, so much can be said about this (to be continued)."

I thank you for the many insightful comments throughout your blog; this post especially hit home with me in several ways.

I am black/African-American; my current boyfriend is Chinese, and my last was Indian. In what I've seen of gay media and creative product (film, fiction, net-based stuff, art even), I've never seen a couple like either of these. With my last bf, it got to be a running joke between us.

I recall looking around the website of a major distributor of gay/lesbian (and non-gay as well) DVDs, film, books and other material; after a few keyword searches it became apparent just how stereotypical ethnic depictions are in queer media. Asian, Black or Latino - when we are present at all, it is usually in relation to a white guy, and what he would find attractive or arousing. It would seem that the sexuality of ethnic (minority in the US, to be more precise) men is taken for granted, caricatured, or disallowed. Searching through the catalog at the aforementioned site, I saw many black 'thugs' and ex-cons - if I am suburban in my background, have international cultural tastes (East Asian, European and Iranian film, Russian and Latin-American fiction), while also maintaining a knowledge of and study of my own history, geneology and roots, what would that make me in the media? Invisible, I suspect - we all (regardless of background) are complex and contradictory, when it comes to evaluating the disparate aspects of our identities. I long to see that.

My current bf grew up in Shanghai, and came to the US for school. When we first got together, I recall that he seemed shocked when I told him that I thought he was attractive. Neither of us are model/stereotyipcal, but both of us do take care of ourselves and are (I would think) decent enough, lookswise. But it occurred to me that far smaller numbers of Asian, Black and Latino men are able to find attractiveness in ourselves, in a media landscape which emphasizes the adulation of 6'4" Aryan youth.

With such skewed representations out there, it is important to assert our own value, and to see and value friends for who a- and what - they are; and not for what we'd wish them to be. Thanks again for raising the issue; it's what we all should do when the opportunity presents itself.

(I'd point out that the media company I spoke of above is doing what they should, from a business perspective. The range of representations of non-white men is simply very limited; too many creative individuals in the gay community simply 'write what they know,' which happens to be a tad segregated and myopic at times. Non-white men must continue to create the kinds of images we'd like to see, and record more of our own thoughts, stories and interactions. Only then will this social and cutural myopia diminish...)


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