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February 14, 2006



What are the titles of these games and what company makes them? I have never seen them before and want to order some.


I know that the series of drawings in the middle of the posting are from a game called "Men's Work Shop" but I have no idea where to buy it.



You may try this sites to try this game:(Japonese version)


It's a gay game which stories are somthing about some young journalist's life... their strugle of creers..and of course..their sex aventures ...Have fun, Ciao!


The first pic is from the sequel to the first "HOTARU" game:

The second pic is from "HUNKS WORKSHOP" made by Future Games:

The third pic is from, and this is a rough translation of the title, "I AND MY MAGICAL BOYFRIENDS" made by Underground Campaign:

None of these games are available in English, but you can buy all of them online at the Rainbow Shoppers website:


Enjoy! :D

want to play

where can we download any of these games, preferably in english?


Hotaru 3 and Hunks Workshop look interesting - has anyone played them? Also, are these games going to be translated into English anytime in the near future?


Very interesting. Wish I could speak Japanese. Anyone know of anything even remotely similar in English?


Unfortunatly, as far as I know, none of these games are avalible in english. There might be english patches for them, but no official english versions.

matthias Auernhammer

Ich vinde anime gays kul



a new game "The Slave Island" will be released for PC sometime soon. Available only in Japanese.



there is an english game called 3d gay villa. check it out


let go



your page is very intersting.

i Bookmarked this posting!

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i like this part of the post:"Actually, I have been overwhelmed by different types of games that are available, ranging from contemporary drama to Sci-Fi, fantasy and comedy as well as bear, teens, S&M etc. In fact, there are some images that are too graphic to post here!! These are, in a pure sense, made in Japan: Japan's cultural expressions of its gayness, I guess. But, are animators who are drawing all these images gay, too? I mean some images are extremely graphic for real!" is very good


My favorite animation here. Cool

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there is an english game called 3d gay villa. check it out


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Good blog regarding Japanese gay games. I will try out for this one in my next session.I never found such types of gay games.


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